Punt Mobles

Art & Design

Punt. It is the starting point of a never ending line of a design conception. As on a sculpture, each encounter and each material is the origin of the magic of a piece that intends to provide a balance between emotions and functionality. Punt. It is the meeting point of a piece of art and its adaptation to the spaces that fill our lives.

Details & Crafts

The subtle lines and details by the designer meet the expert hands that shape the wood. Art & Craftsmanship together to bring pieces that intend to change spaces through their beauty.

Boutique Projects

Los proyectos de hoy en día ya no cubren una única función. Las oficinas son espacios creativos, las personas buscan entornos más humanos para comunicar, inspirar, enseñar y liderar. Los hoteles se convierten en una atractivo turístico más, ofreciendo calidez y diseño son la guinda de un viaje exótico o el descanso hogareño tras un largo día de trabajo. Los restaurantes maridan la creatividad culinaria con la experiencia del consumidor que interactúa con un entorno igualmente sugerente.


Some pieces by Punt have been with us for so many years that they are already part of the history of furniture design. One of them, La Literatura, designed in the early years of the company’s foundation, is over 35 years old. It is displayed in several museums and it is already considered a contemporary classic of the 20th century. Its creation inspired our company’s development and was partly responsible for Punt receiving the Design National Award in 1997. Other awards confirm a career that has resulted in some pieces that are part of our history.

Made in Spain

Spain is one of the countries with the largest international presence in the furniture sector. From renowned firms to small craftsmen, they possess a vast expertise that Punt feels like being part of. Experienced hands, weathered by our country’s furniture, make our pieces possible. Weathered hands, with a long experience making furniture, make our pieces possible