Punt Mobles


PUNT uses wood originating from controlled forests for the manufacture of its products. The wood is selected and worked so that its inherent characteristics of resistance and durability are fully guaranteed.
Products made from natural wood may undergo variations in colour over time. This is due to the natural ageing of the wood. Similarly, as it is a natural product, there may be variations from one order to the next. Units or additions ordered later may differ slightly in tone, though these differences will fade and even out in time. This is the difference between natural and synthetic products.


Clean the furniture using a soft cloth which does not become electrostatically charged and which may be slightly moistened with a cleaning product considered appropriate after testing on a hidden area. Read the instructions provided with any cleaning product before using it. Do not use abrasive products.

The manufacture of our furniture also uses chipboard (manufactured by applying pressure and heat to wood particles such as sawdust, shavings and the like) that, as with the woods, come from controlled forests.
puntmobles is committed to the conservation and improvement of the environment and for this reason, uses only E1 chipboard for the manufacture of its furniture (low formaldehyde content). In this way, puntmobles respects the environment, carried out in accordance with European Community laws. The outer surfaces are faced with natural veneers.

Plywood is manufactured by applying a first quality wood veneer on to a multilayered base of different woods.These layers are then glued together using E1 glues (low formaldehyde content). The outer surfaces are faced with natural veneers.

High pressure laminate board
The compact board is manufactured by applying high pressure laminate with phenolic raisins. With this procedure the result is a solid board ideal for demanding purposes. It is a product with excellent resistance to scratches, heat, chemicals, etc.

The metal parts used in puntmobles products are in the form of auxiliary pieces that complement the end product, or in the frames of some of its items.
The surface quality of some of these items is enhanced by being epoxy powder painted. The characteristic hardness of this type of paint makes the surface more resistant.

Steel or aluminium surfaces, whether natural or painted, can be easily cleaned of normal dirt using a cloth moistened with a neutral soap and warm water and then drying with a soft cloth.
Do not use any detergents, or abrasive or steel scouring pads that could scratch the metal surface. Avoid the use of liquid detergents that contain chlorine or its derivatives, such as bleach or hydrochloric acid.
Important: always dry the surfaces thoroughly.

Metal parts should not be left in prolonged contact with citrus or fruit juice, glue, salt or coffee as they can leave indelible marks if not eliminated immediately.
To remove the black stains from metal feet, we recommend using commercially available specific products for metal surfaces, after carefully reading the instructions or non-abrasive polishes used in the car industry.

Glass is used in a variety of ways in our products. It may be used as a tabletop, incorporated into doors or as an internal shelf.
In the case of doors and tabletops, we offer the possibility of clear or translucent.

Glass surfaces can be cleaned with a soft, wet cloth or with a commercially available
window-cleaner. Avoid the use of corrosive or abrasive products.

Take care of glass surfaces, do not drag any sharp objects across them as this could mark or scratch the surface.
It is important to remember that this type of material has a limited resistance to high temperatures. For this reason, do not place anything very hot on the surface. Always use a tablemat.

Paint is used to improve the quality of the surface of the furniture and to improve its appeal.
Our varnished furniture uses UV polyester glaze (based on polyester resins) as the primer and polyurethane glaze (two components with high covering power and high quality) for the finish.

Perspex (Acrilic in the U.S.) is a thermoplastic material, available in colored or translucent finish, has more transparency than glass. This material has the optical advantages of glass, the mechanical advantages of wood and the thermal advantages of plastic.

It is can be easily cleaned with a cloth, warm water and neutral soap. For grease stains add some soda to the soapy water. Never use any abrasive or solvent.

Methacrylate has excellent features for furniture manufacturing. It weighs less than half of the weight of glass and it is from 10 to 20 times more resistant to impacts. In the Mist collection, plywood parts are glued to the methacrylate pieces with high strength 3M adhesive.

PUNT includes several types of fabrics in its collection. These fabrics are available on the market and are of contrasted quality. If necessary, further information is available on request.
We also offer the possibility of using Customer’s Own Material (COM) on our products.
The amount of fabric required for each item is shown in the price-list.