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Legal information

Models, Finishes and Colours

Models: Here in PUNT we work constantly on the improvement of our products so we reserve the right to amend the measurements, materials, colours, etc. of our products with the aim of improving their quality, service, strength or price. If the products that you have ordered present some variation with respect to our current catalogue and prizes, we will inform you previously to check that you are still interested.

Finishes: All the finishes that we offer (natural, stained or lacquered wood, lacquered or anodised metal), even though they are protected, can gradually change their original colour over time due to sunlight exposure. Wood boards and wood pieces, because of their natural origin, present different and non-homogeneous patterns and tones. In PUNT we select each element of a piece of furniture to make these differences aesthetically pleasing.

Colours: The actual appearance of the nice colours of our products may differ slightly from the ones you have seen on a screen or a catalogue.


Orders, Transportation and Delivery Times

Orders: To avoid confusion, you must formalise your orders in writing. Once we get a completely defined order, we will send you an email and start to prepare your delivery. Since this moment, any cancellation on your part might result in the reimbursement of the costs and expenses incurred by PUNT through the preparation of your delivery.

Transportation: In the confirmation of your order, we will indicate the accorded transportation service and if it generates some costs.

Delivery Time: PUNT will indicate the estimated delivery times according to the purchased products and their shipping destination. We are working hard to improve these estimated times. We hope that you will excuse us if it is not possible owing to unforeseen causes. When your order is ready, we will deliver it in the shipping destination indicated on the order form, where you must sign the delivery receipt.



If you are a final customer, the quality of the product is under warranty for 2 years, so you must keep the purchase receipt. If you have any incident, don’t send us back the product. Just send us a photo and an explanation so we can understand and solve the problem. Damages are not covered if they result from an inappropriate use of the product. In order to avoid it, we will deliver along with each product an installation manual and a guide for use and maintenance. We are at your disposal at info@puntmobles.com to answer any questions or requests that you might have.

The shipping company is the only responsible for the damages caused during transportation, so please check carefully the product at the delivery and write down any suspected defect on the shipment document or the company won’t take the responsibility for it. Our packaging is very safe but it cannot protect the product from every mishandling. Make sure that you handle the product carefully before unpacking it and don’t unpack it until it is placed in its final location.


Furniture Cleaning and Maintenance

For a proper preservation, the piece of furniture must be kept in a dry space. You must remove any spillage or stain immediately so it doesn’t penetrate or damage the protective varnish layer. Every furniture material must be wiped with slightly damp non-abrasive cloths or cleaned with non-acid cleaning agents except paint thinners such as acetone. You mustn’t use cleaning agents containing alcohol on wood with a water-based coating. After cleaning, dry the surface with a dry cloth.


Web, contents and design

PUNT MOBLES XXI, S.L. (“PUNT”) is the owner of this domain and the content existing in it. If you want to reproduce it totally or partially, you must request permission. Likewise, PUNT has got the exclusive selling rights of the displayed products.


Data Protection

All the personal data sent through the website are stored in the servers of PUNT. We only register those data that are needed to send you the request information and news from PUNT and to process your orders. If you are a dealer, we communicate your data to your national commercial agent and the supplier of delivery services that will bring you the products. If you are a final customer, we send your data to a suitable distributor, as we are not selling online. All the agents involved are committed to maintain the privacy of your personal data and to use them solely for its designated purpose. We do not pass on your data in any case to commercial address brokers, so you are not going to receive unwanted advertising that is not related to PUNT. You can request at any moment information on the stored data and their use. You can also update, modify or remove them if you don’t want us to use them again. You only have to send an email to info@puntmobles.com.


Use of Cookies

A cookie is a small file generated and stored in the user’s computer when he/she visits our website. These files contain some information on the configuration of our site and information on your web browsing habits. The information obtained by the cookies is absolutely anonymous and cannot be linked to any specific and identified use in any case. This information allows us to know the usage patterns and statistics to improve the user browsing experience. The use of cookies can be disabled by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser.