Punt Mobles


Let’s Protect the Environment!

We are aware that the environment is everyone’s concern and we work with the highest level of quality and design to ensure a long-lasting use of all our products. We mostly work with recycled and/or recyclable materials and we rely on suppliers with certified processes of on-going improvement and respect for the environment.

All the electrical energy consumed in our factory is nourished by renewable energy sources.




Reducing the carbon footprint

Trees in their growth process, capture the CO2 released by burning fossil fuels. Producing wood that becomes furniture reduces atmospheric CO2 thus mitigating the greenhouse effect. At Punt we go further. All electricity consumed in the manufacturing process comes from renewable sources so that we reduce to 0% carbon emissions in our factory!



Recycled Materials

We specialise in natural wood veneered board. By using this material, we offer you the highest quality finishes with 100% recycled cores.

Recyclable Materials

Our products are almost 100% exclusively made of wood, steel, aluminium and glass. These materials are identified on the product sheets that are delivered to our customers in each command and are 100% recyclable.



Let’s Respect our Forests

Protecting our forests and reducing the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere lies in our hands. By controlling the origin of the wood we can guarantee the reforestation of the forests used for obtaining our raw material. Growing trees capture the CO2 released by the combustion of fossil fuel, thus palliating the greenhouse effect.

FSC is a non-profit global organisation dedicated to promote responsible management of the forests all around the world. FSC certification guarantees that the products proceed from well managed forests that bring environmental, social and economic benefits. Concretely, the Chain of Custody certification applies to producers, auctioneers and distributors of FSC certified forest products. This type of certification checks that the products using FSC labels actually contain FSC certified materials and their source has been controlled through the chain of production.

Controlled Wood has been defined to prevent companies or organisations from including in their materials wood from unacceptable sources. The FSC Controlled Wood can only be combined with FSC certified wood in products labelled as FSC Mixed Sources.

In Punt, we work with suppliers of FSC certified boards in Chain of Custody (FSC-STD-40-004) and in Controlled Wood (FCD-STD-40-005).



Warranty of Quality, respect for the environment and on-going improvement

Punt is certified in accordance with ISO 9001

We select thoroughly our suppliers and we work together in order to guarantee the highest quality for our products. Therefore, our suppliers of boards, varnishes, foams, fabrics, metallic pieces and hardware hold ISO 9001:2008 certification, and our fabrics and varnishes suppliers hold ISO 14001:2004 certification too.